Take action by volunteering, donating, or sponsoring. Any form of help makes a difference!

kids writing on the paperVision Educational Center provides you with several opportunities to change the lives of many poor children and families. There are three main actions you can take to aid us in our efforts:

  • Volunteer. Every day, the organization has to get certain tasks done which are vital in our operations. We rely on volunteers who are generous with their time and efforts in getting such tasks done. If you have a talent or skill useful in the conduct of our office operations and field projects, we invite you to become our volunteer.
  • Donate. Our projects cannot be implemented without funds. Donations go a long way in helping us pay for the costs of implementing our projects, sustaining them, and keeping the organization afloat. Even a little amount can aid a child already.
  • Sponsor. We are knocking on the doors of various establishments, inviting them to grant sponsorships to several children or families we serve. Many companies have corporate responsibilities and one of them is to assist the less fortunate members of the community. Becoming one of our sponsors will help your company fulfill your corporate responsibility.

You can choose from any of the three ways mentioned. No matter who you are and what you may have, you surely can be a great contributor to our society and to the upliftment of the lives of poor children and families.

If you wish to know other actions you can take, please call 843-627-3212 (Dillon) or 864-214-9009 (Greenville).

“Serving For The Future”
four kids smiling